It’s a trend that started back in 2015, Man Buns is a strange hairstyle for men that has some figuring out why?

I am wondering who started this style in the first place along with the homeless guy look that just leave some people puzzled.  I am confused about this bun action because I thought only girls had buns in their hair.

Does it look masculine to you?  To me it doesn’t bring out their manliness because it kind of looks girly.  No offense to those guys that choose to have a bun, but frankly it looks odd.  Just look what it resembles in the picture above, it’s compared to a trash bag.  I found this picture to be a direct similarity with the man bun and very hilarious.

The fashion industry might be partly to blame for this ridiculous style because we probably follow the latest designs.  Hipsters are also the ones to blame for this hideous style because they are young and obviously ignorant of what makes a man bring out his masculinity.  In my opinion the world has set trends that has been odd lately because the entertainment industry has switched its’ roles as far as what is feminine and what is masculine.  For example, guys cross dressing and women wearing men’s clothing.  The attitude that goes along with the style has also reversed the behavior to fit their dressing and grooming.  I mean just look at Katelyn Jenner that has recently chose to become a woman.

Although, man buns is a choice to wear, but I disagree with the style entirely.  Not only it takes away of what it means to be a man, but it looks like you’re rocking the trash bag look.  So if you’re thinking about going for this style, think twice and just remember the trash bag.


Do you think the man bun is stylish?