If you guys are inspired to become a web developer or programmer, this is the article for you.  

Yes, it’s possible to get a job as a programmer with no degree because all they care about is your coding skills and your past experience.

If you’re interested in coding, there’s lots websites you can start from.  Get curious and begin reading blogs and watching videos to learn HTML, CSS languages.  When I started getting interested in coding, I started at a FREE website called codeacademy.com.  I also got web development books and MySQL books to teach myself  the structure of the language and the basic syntax.  Definitely start diving into learning the syntax and basic structure of each language and practice right away.  My advice is don’t just watch videos and read blogs, you MUST do something if you want to get better.  It’s not easy, so don’t give up when it gets hard.  Practice, practice, practice!!


My Journey

One thing I’ve noticed that as I grew to love coding, I wanted to start building websites in 3 months.  I was really enthusiastic about building websites and just seeing the graphics come to life was like so gratifying to me.  It was like I was on cloud 9.  The whole aspect of building login forms and databases was just really cool.  I’m a girl and I know some you don’t know that because of my picture of the stupid hipster as my icon, but I was extremely proud of myself.  I guess I shouldn’t hide the fact that I am a girl and interested in technology.  I’m going to change that icon soon to something more feminine, but I thought a picture of a hipster would be hilarious.

Today, you might think programming is just a fad.  You’re probably right because there’s so much hype right now and you hear of the high demand for programmers and web developers.  I personally got interested because of the hype and I loved it.  However, I love doing back end development, which deals with SQL databases.  I’m still in training right now, but getting a job without a degree is possible.

See this exciting example of a real developer that got a job without no degree, he’s John Sonmez from Simple Programmer.

Front end developer vs. Back end Developer


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Here’s the deal, you must decide early on if you like to design websites or do back end and work with databases.  Maybe you won’t know early on like me, so definitely give it some thought.  You don’t want to waste your time learning front end development for a year and then change your my mind way later.  I figured out I want to do back end development after 3 months of learning the basics.  Honestly, you’re not going to know what you want to do after learning basic HTML and CSS.

I’m going to tell you right now that front end development requires learning multiple frameworks, so that’s when I told myself no way.  For example, you need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and sometimes a back end language like Node.js.  That would take me forever to learn and I just wanted to get a job.  Although, I did love learning just one back end language like C# and SQL.  I said, “sweet that sounds more like it.”

Another form of advice is know what skills employers are looking for and what languages is in demand at your city or state.  The most popular languages are HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and SQL.  However, the top in demand is still Java, so you want to pick something is popular and has been around the longest.  Python and Ruby is just hype, so I would stay away from those because it’s not what most employers are looking for.  Just look at websites, such as indeed.com and monster.com to know what most companies are searching for.

There’s tons of other websites to learn from too, such as udemy and pluralsight.  Another one that is free that I use is Youtube.  I suggest starting with free online tutorials from these websites then migrate towards paid websites like pluralsight, which I use sometimes.  Also, a great reference website is w3schools, which is awesome because they have everything.  You can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL.  All the basic syntax is available along with tutorials you can practice on your own.


There you have it.  You need more advice to be a programmer?  Leave me a comment below.