I just came across this video about a cosmetologist and astrologist claiming we can communicate to aliens by mathematics.

To expand on this theory from my last article, it’s hilarious to discover scientists still trying to find a way to speak to intelligent life forms.  Paul Davies, an astrobiologist and cosmologist from the University of Arizona, believes the only means of communication is through mathematics because math is the only highly intelligent language which is the most common among humans and aliens and the most common among the laws of the universe.  He claims we can finally state our greatest achievements, such as a Picaso, or music.  However, aliens cannot understand politics or sports because their brains are wired differently.  As a result, aliens could understand other realms, such as gravitation, physics, or other sciences.

Hey, E.T. could you help me understand the meaning of life?

I would think E.T. is a great programmer.  What would you say?  It could run programs to send data off to planet Mars.  I really need to understand Java E.T., so why aren’t you here to help us if you’re so smart?

Is aliens really smart?  I haven’t seen you use it to do much good in the universe.  If you can’t understand art, politics or other animals.  Then why are you regarded so intelligent?


Hey, mathematicians are you currently speaking to aliens at the moment?  What do you think about math being used to communicate with aliens?  Is this possible, others say yes?  What are your thoughts?