The best way to talk to aliens might be using math lingo.

How many of you think talking to aliens is possible?

In fact, in most intelligent civilizations, such as the Mayan’s and other human societies, it’s been a known throughout history.  That’s why communicating with extraterrestrial beings would be a possibility.  But is it?

We’ve been captivated by their mysterious ways for years and depicted aliens in movies and television shows, such as Aliens, Independence Day and among others.

There’s some people, such as Carl DeVito, an emeritus faculty in the mathematics department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has proposed a language based on plausibly universal scientific concepts. He recently detailed his work at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2017, held from April 24 to April 28 in Mesa, Arizona. (

Come on bro!  I thought you were smart.  Can’t you use your smarts with something to create on earth or better yet invent something with your equations and shit.  You know realistically speaking of building a faster way to the moon.  I want to get to the moon in a couple of weeks not years.  We definitely need someone to invent a robot to clean my house or yet clean my bleep.  You get the picture.  Make me a pet robot to clean my house,  wash my car and cook my meals.  End of story.  You scientists get way off base and start imagining the impossible.

Are there credible evidence that Aliens exist?


I believe aliens are a hoax.  Now you may think that I sound like President Trump, but there’s no actual evidence that aliens exist.  Everything what scientists mention is pure assumptions.  Until there is some facts that E.T. is on the news today then lets talk, but until there’s some tangible proof then we can’t even communicate to them by math or any other language.  How about disputing if someone from the U.S. traveled to the moon?  That’s a whole other story.  Never mind.  It will take some serious digging like research for weeks.  But, if someone wants me to write that story, I will research that subject.

Hey, Mr. DeVito just forget using your algorithms because you’re wasting your time.

Anybody want to dispute?

True or False, do you think you can talk to aliens by using math?  I love to hear how nuts you sound if say it’s true.