Hello there!

Sorry for the long absence, my bad.  Now I’m back with a new vibe.  This is to have you guys tell me which celebrity ranked the best this year for 2017.

So I have picked some celebrities and you guys and can tell me who was Blah or Yeah!

For instance, I’ll put some photos of Oprah and you guys tell me if you guys me Yeah if you liked them or felt they made a positive impact on the world.  On the other hand, if you think the person made a negative impact on you or the world, vote blah!

I’ll read your comments and make a cool spreadsheet and chart to see how the data influenced us this year.  I love statistics and I believe it tells us valuable information on people’s behavior patterns and how they influence others to make decisions.  I’ll run this experiment for about a couple of weeks to gather some data and display the poll for all of you.  This is a fun way to have fun with statistics if you like math.

Okay lets go.

  1. Donald Trump – President of United States, “Make America Great Again!” HELL yes!!


2. Katy Perry – entertainer, singer, looks like Miley Cyrus now. LOL


3. The Rock – Kicks ass, movies like Bay Watch, wrestler


4.  Melissa McCarthy – actress, mom, lost weight way too fast by highlighting with light bulbs


5.  Justin Beiber – the Beebs got scared of himself, yes he is a singer unfortunately


6. Mike Tyson – a boxer that can act silly and have bitten off ears if you don’t pay attention to him.  Look out!


7. Oprah – she apparently saw an alien while on her show


8.  Tom Cruise – happy he worships aliens


9.  Nikki Minaj – I believe she had a nose job and apparently it didn’t go well


10.  Barack Obama – former President of the United States that uses his ears as radars for out of space Russian dinosaurs on the planet of Mars



Please tell me how you rated each celebrity by voting yeah or blah.  Thank you all for participating.