Lets face it finding a part-time business on the side could be nerve wrecking, especially when you don’t know your idea will work out in the long-term.  If you have a full-time job please don’t quit that job just yet.  Carefully test your idea while your working your 9-5 job until you get your side job producing a decent profit before making that leap of faith.

Lots of entreprenurs make the mistake of thinking their idea will take off by just quiting their careers.  There’s a lot at stake when doing this because it’s a risky move of just taking the plunge.  The benefits and steady income is like a temporary cushion for the time being before you make the sudden move to make your side gig a permanent one.

I’ve been researching this topic for a long time.  When I first moved to New York I thought I could be my own boss doing software development, but there’s some obstacles I noticed right away.  The road blocks included:  establishing a credibility among locals, generating leads, and getting steady work were the toughest.  For months I wasn’t getting any work and the people that called me off Craigslist wanted my services practically for free.  People just wasn’t willing to pay for what I was worth.  Moreover, other employers wanted a bachelors degree in Computer Science that I didn’t have, so that left me out of the web development market.  Therefore, I was stuck and needed somekind of income fast, so I took a job as a Computer Technician with a company that didn’t have any respect for their workers.  Anyways enough of my sob story and on to talking about how to start a gig on your own.

I’d say take a full-time job while you start your side gig on your spare time.  Think of the ideas and test the waters first before diving in head first.  Here’s what you can start with for now.

1. Social Media Manager


Lots of businesses in your area need someone to manage their social media accounts because they don’t have time to do that.  If you are social media savy with Twitter and Facebook, look up some startups in your area and offer to manage their accounts for them.

2.  Content Writer

Being a content writer for other businesses is a great side business to start.  You can ask some businesses to write some content for their website for a reasonable fee.  Some people make up to $50-$100 writing articles for websites about beauty, technology or products online.  The great thing is that you get to do this job in the comfort of your own home.

3.  Web Designer

Choosing a part-time business as a web designer can be a very lucrative career.  The flexibility and income can be fantastic while keeping a full-time job.  People in your local area probably need some minor updates to their images or content on their website that you can do for an awesome fee.  Web design skills are easy to learn if you are thinking of doing this.  Simply go to websites to learn coding in html, css, javascript and jquery for free.  These websites include:  codeacademy.com, treehouse, and Skillcrush.  These skills could be learned for free and don’t forget youtube.  There’s tons of free tutorials on youtube, which I recommend when you’re just getting started.  Don’t forget Google too!

4. E Books

Packaging your skills and knowledge into a downloadable eBook that delivers value to those seeking to learn a skill, advance in their careers, or start their own businesses, makes for a strong value proposition if you target the right audience. Check out Leslie Samuel’s great guide to selling eBooks online and start building your strategy around this side business idea. This class with Tara Gentile on CreativeLive will also show you how to use your existing body of work to write an eBook within the next week. Put in some serious work with your eBook, build an audience and you’ll have a platform to pitch traditional publishers on landing a book deal—then you can write one of the best business books and really build your personal brand.

5. Resale on Amazon

Anyone can sell goods on Amazon, provided you have products to sell (or buy low, then resell). If you’re the type to hit all the local garage sales each weekend, there’s all sorts of valuable things that can be resold online as a side business idea. If you want to step your Amazon selling game up, check out this detailed guide to Amazon Clearance Arbitrage on SideHustleNation featuring an interview from Travis Scott of StuffParentsLike.com who’s turned this home based business idea into a lucrative money-maker.

6. Photography

Start a photography business by taking pictures or selling your images online.  There’s a lot of freelance work doing weddings, parties, business functions, and working for a newspaper.  The only thing you need is an eye for great photos and if you happen to catch a celebrity that could mean huge money.

7.Virtual Assistant

There’s many businesses that need assistants.  You can do this from the comfort of your own home by doing simple data entry, faxing, managing their books, running their errands or other desk work from home.  It’s conveinent and I hear it’s a great business to get involved in.

Words of Advice

Start a sid gig part-time first before making it permanent and test the waters before getting in too deep.

Leave me a comment below and tell me about other side gig ideas.  And remember to follow me.  Thanks for reading!