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The Best Laptop for 2017, Surface Book Pro

Yes!  It’s my dream computer that I now have finally.  This is by far the best laptop EVER for 2017!

Greatness- Powerful processor i5 or i7, stunning NVIDIA graphics card, longer battery life, sleek design, plus the Surface Pen for drawing and note taking

Disadvantage- Expensive, not ideal for gaming and not much change in design

It’s powerful, sleek new design puts the Surface Book at the top of the best laptops for this year by far.  Powerful enough to handle the biggest tasks and creates an easy workflow for developing any application.

Compare to the Mac Pro, the Surface Book surpasses them by better functionality, by providing longer battery life, faster processor and including the Surface Pen.

The display is vibrant and crisp with clear and colorful graphics that makes videos and music a breeze to create.  The i7 processor, which I have makes everything run smoothly and I don’t need to worry about any lag time.  Another advantage the Surface Pro has is the Surface Pen that enables you to write, sketch notes and paint simply by clicking on the top of the pen.  The cool thing about the computer is that it recognizes cursive handwriting, while guessing the words intelligently.  If you need to take notes on a page, simply click on the pen to capture a screenshot and save your page to your computer for later.  I can tell Microsoft has put a lot of thought and effort into creating a very powerful machine to make your life less problematic.  The engineering is done remarkably to blow your mind away.

I have been saving up all my money while working to buy this computer all year and I can tell you that it’s been worth it all along.  I can’t say enough good things about this computer.  The quality is top notch.


  • Dimensions Surface Book: 12.30” x 9.14” x 0.51 – 0.90” (312.3mm x 232.1mm x 13.0 – 22.8mm)Surface Book with Performance Base: 12.30” x 9.14” x 0.59 – 0.90” (312.3mm x 232.1mm x 14.9 – 22.8mm)
    Display Screen: 13.5” PixelSense™ DisplayResolution: 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI)Aspect ratio: 3:2Contrast ratio: 1700:1Surface Pen enabledTouch: 10 point multi-touch
    Memory 8GB or 16GB RAM
    Processor 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7
    Security TPM chip for enterprise securityEnterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello4face sign-in
    Software Windows 10 ProOffice 30-day trial
    Sensors Ambient light sensorAccelerometerGyroscopeMagnetometerHall effect
    What’s in the box Surface Book or Surface Book with Performance BaseSurface PenPower SupplyQuick Start GuideSafety and warranty documents
    Weight Surface Book: Starting at 3.34 lbs (1,516 g) including keyboardSurface Book with Performance Base: 3.68 lbs (1,647 g) including keyboard
    Best-in-class support from Microsoft Store 30-day return policy90 days of free technical phone support12 months in-store support and technical assistance1 free training session and Surface device health check
    Storage1 Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
    Battery life Surface Book: Up to 12 hours of video playback2Surface Book with Performance Base: Up to 16 hours of video playback3
    Graphics Surface Book: i5: Intel® HD graphics 520;i5/i7: NVIDIA® GeForce® dGPU with 1GB GDDR5 memorySurface Book with Performance Base: i7: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 965M 2GB GPU
    Connections and expansions Two full-size USB 3.0Full-size SD™ card reader (SDXC compatible)Two Surface Connect portsHeadset jackMini DisplayPortCompatible with Surface Dial Off-Screen Interaction*
    Cameras, video, and audio Windows Hello4 face sign-in camera (front-facing)5.0MP camera with 1080p HD video (front-facing)8.0MP autofocus camera with 1080p HD video (rear-facing)Dual microphonesStereo speakers with Dolby® Audio™ Premium3.5mm headphone jack
    Wireless 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networkingIEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatibleBluetooth 4.0 LE wireless technology
    Exterior Casing: MagnesiumColor: SilverPhysical buttons: Volume, Power
    Warranty 1-year limited hardware warranty



What is your favorite laptop?  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer you ASAP.  Thanks for reading!



Man Buns, the Funniest Trend that Needs to End

It’s a trend that started back in 2015, Man Buns is a strange hairstyle for men that has some figuring out why?

I am wondering who started this style in the first place along with the homeless guy look that just leave some people puzzled.  I am confused about this bun action because I thought only girls had buns in their hair.

Does it look masculine to you?  To me it doesn’t bring out their manliness because it kind of looks girly.  No offense to those guys that choose to have a bun, but frankly it looks odd.  Just look what it resembles in the picture above, it’s compared to a trash bag.  I found this picture to be a direct similarity with the man bun and very hilarious.

The fashion industry might be partly to blame for this ridiculous style because we probably follow the latest designs.  Hipsters are also the ones to blame for this hideous style because they are young and obviously ignorant of what makes a man bring out his masculinity.  In my opinion the world has set trends that has been odd lately because the entertainment industry has switched its’ roles as far as what is feminine and what is masculine.  For example, guys cross dressing and women wearing men’s clothing.  The attitude that goes along with the style has also reversed the behavior to fit their dressing and grooming.  I mean just look at Katelyn Jenner that has recently chose to become a woman.

Although, man buns is a choice to wear, but I disagree with the style entirely.  Not only it takes away of what it means to be a man, but it looks like you’re rocking the trash bag look.  So if you’re thinking about going for this style, think twice and just remember the trash bag.


Do you think the man bun is stylish?

Bill Clinton Busted!

This viral video was on Youtube when Trump was inaugurated and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Why does Bill Clinton can’t stop looking at the ladies?

Bill Clinton has always had a thing for the women and he can’t stop getting enough of them.  What about Hilary?  Hilary you’re disgusting and that’s why Bill doesn’t look at you anymore.  You’re also a loser because you lost to Trump.

If you haven’t looked at the video on youtube.  Here’s a link you’ll love to see. Youtube 

Have a good day guys!  Try not to pee your pants. LOL

Can you get a job as a programmer with no degree?

If you guys are inspired to become a web developer or programmer, this is the article for you.  

Yes, it’s possible to get a job as a programmer with no degree because all they care about is your coding skills and your past experience.

If you’re interested in coding, there’s lots websites you can start from.  Get curious and begin reading blogs and watching videos to learn HTML, CSS languages.  When I started getting interested in coding, I started at a FREE website called  I also got web development books and MySQL books to teach myself  the structure of the language and the basic syntax.  Definitely start diving into learning the syntax and basic structure of each language and practice right away.  My advice is don’t just watch videos and read blogs, you MUST do something if you want to get better.  It’s not easy, so don’t give up when it gets hard.  Practice, practice, practice!!


My Journey

One thing I’ve noticed that as I grew to love coding, I wanted to start building websites in 3 months.  I was really enthusiastic about building websites and just seeing the graphics come to life was like so gratifying to me.  It was like I was on cloud 9.  The whole aspect of building login forms and databases was just really cool.  I’m a girl and I know some you don’t know that because of my picture of the stupid hipster as my icon, but I was extremely proud of myself.  I guess I shouldn’t hide the fact that I am a girl and interested in technology.  I’m going to change that icon soon to something more feminine, but I thought a picture of a hipster would be hilarious.

Today, you might think programming is just a fad.  You’re probably right because there’s so much hype right now and you hear of the high demand for programmers and web developers.  I personally got interested because of the hype and I loved it.  However, I love doing back end development, which deals with SQL databases.  I’m still in training right now, but getting a job without a degree is possible.

See this exciting example of a real developer that got a job without no degree, he’s John Sonmez from Simple Programmer.

Front end developer vs. Back end Developer


2 min Read:  How to start your own side gig?

Here’s the deal, you must decide early on if you like to design websites or do back end and work with databases.  Maybe you won’t know early on like me, so definitely give it some thought.  You don’t want to waste your time learning front end development for a year and then change your my mind way later.  I figured out I want to do back end development after 3 months of learning the basics.  Honestly, you’re not going to know what you want to do after learning basic HTML and CSS.

I’m going to tell you right now that front end development requires learning multiple frameworks, so that’s when I told myself no way.  For example, you need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and sometimes a back end language like Node.js.  That would take me forever to learn and I just wanted to get a job.  Although, I did love learning just one back end language like C# and SQL.  I said, “sweet that sounds more like it.”

Another form of advice is know what skills employers are looking for and what languages is in demand at your city or state.  The most popular languages are HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and SQL.  However, the top in demand is still Java, so you want to pick something is popular and has been around the longest.  Python and Ruby is just hype, so I would stay away from those because it’s not what most employers are looking for.  Just look at websites, such as and to know what most companies are searching for.

There’s tons of other websites to learn from too, such as udemy and pluralsight.  Another one that is free that I use is Youtube.  I suggest starting with free online tutorials from these websites then migrate towards paid websites like pluralsight, which I use sometimes.  Also, a great reference website is w3schools, which is awesome because they have everything.  You can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL.  All the basic syntax is available along with tutorials you can practice on your own.


There you have it.  You need more advice to be a programmer?  Leave me a comment below.



Let E.T. Know, “We Speak Alien.”

I just came across this video about a cosmetologist and astrologist claiming we can communicate to aliens by mathematics.

To expand on this theory from my last article, it’s hilarious to discover scientists still trying to find a way to speak to intelligent life forms.  Paul Davies, an astrobiologist and cosmologist from the University of Arizona, believes the only means of communication is through mathematics because math is the only highly intelligent language which is the most common among humans and aliens and the most common among the laws of the universe.  He claims we can finally state our greatest achievements, such as a Picaso, or music.  However, aliens cannot understand politics or sports because their brains are wired differently.  As a result, aliens could understand other realms, such as gravitation, physics, or other sciences.

Hey, E.T. could you help me understand the meaning of life?

I would think E.T. is a great programmer.  What would you say?  It could run programs to send data off to planet Mars.  I really need to understand Java E.T., so why aren’t you here to help us if you’re so smart?

Is aliens really smart?  I haven’t seen you use it to do much good in the universe.  If you can’t understand art, politics or other animals.  Then why are you regarded so intelligent?


Hey, mathematicians are you currently speaking to aliens at the moment?  What do you think about math being used to communicate with aliens?  Is this possible, others say yes?  What are your thoughts?

True of False, Can you talk to Aliens by Using Math?

The best way to talk to aliens might be using math lingo.

How many of you think talking to aliens is possible?

In fact, in most intelligent civilizations, such as the Mayan’s and other human societies, it’s been a known throughout history.  That’s why communicating with extraterrestrial beings would be a possibility.  But is it?

We’ve been captivated by their mysterious ways for years and depicted aliens in movies and television shows, such as Aliens, Independence Day and among others.

There’s some people, such as Carl DeVito, an emeritus faculty in the mathematics department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has proposed a language based on plausibly universal scientific concepts. He recently detailed his work at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2017, held from April 24 to April 28 in Mesa, Arizona. (

Come on bro!  I thought you were smart.  Can’t you use your smarts with something to create on earth or better yet invent something with your equations and shit.  You know realistically speaking of building a faster way to the moon.  I want to get to the moon in a couple of weeks not years.  We definitely need someone to invent a robot to clean my house or yet clean my bleep.  You get the picture.  Make me a pet robot to clean my house,  wash my car and cook my meals.  End of story.  You scientists get way off base and start imagining the impossible.

Are there credible evidence that Aliens exist?


I believe aliens are a hoax.  Now you may think that I sound like President Trump, but there’s no actual evidence that aliens exist.  Everything what scientists mention is pure assumptions.  Until there is some facts that E.T. is on the news today then lets talk, but until there’s some tangible proof then we can’t even communicate to them by math or any other language.  How about disputing if someone from the U.S. traveled to the moon?  That’s a whole other story.  Never mind.  It will take some serious digging like research for weeks.  But, if someone wants me to write that story, I will research that subject.

Hey, Mr. DeVito just forget using your algorithms because you’re wasting your time.

Anybody want to dispute?

True or False, do you think you can talk to aliens by using math?  I love to hear how nuts you sound if say it’s true.


Movie Review: Wonder Woman 2017

This is a must see movie of the summer!  In theaters now, so hurry and get your tickets!

If you like action and adventure then watch this movie.  I was blown away by the actors and the villain, which is unexpected when you find out.


Patty Jenkins


Allan Heinberg (screenplay), Zack Snyder (story by) | 3 more credits »

Original release date: May 25, 2017
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action
Running time: 141 minutes
Budget: $150,000,000
Summary:  Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, she leaves home to fight a war to end all wars, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

My experience

Holly cow prepared to get blown away in your seat.  I advise you to go for the RPX experience because the seats literally rumbled when the actions scenes came up.  That is of course, RPX, is a bit pricey compared to regular movie tickets, but you get the full effect of the movie while she’s fighting the bad guys.
I especially loved the bad guys, which blew me away surprisingly because just when you think it’s the first guy to end all wickedness think again.  I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t want to spoil the movie for you guys.
There was definitely some humor in the movie.  Her crew although in the middle of a war with the Nazis during WWI really stuck together in times of distress and being goofy was necessary.  I mean what are you going to do when there’s a serious war occurring and not to mention a terrible dude was trying to tear everyone to shreds.  Not so cool right?
What I like to See
In a later or continuation of the movie perhaps in another sequel I would like to see the development of the other characters.  I’m hoping there will be another Wonder Woman II in the next year or two to see if there’s another villain arises to attack earth.  Also, to see her crew and what their lives are like after defeating the war.  Moreover, the woman that plays the comical secretary and if she has some special powers that we don’t know about.  Certainly, there’s some underlying aspect of her employment.  These theories could create some pretty awesome story lines.

Do you like to see some characters develop?  Leave me comment below to tell me your thoughts.

Here’s some action scenes from the movie I want to show you.


Did you know it’s Gal Galdot’s second time playing Wonder Woman?
German army officers during WWI were rarely clean shaven. If they were pilots, they might have been (The Red Baron being an example). However, General Ludendorf was indeed (and incorrectly) clean shaven.
The railway carriage (US “railroad car”) at the port in 1918 is named “Southern Railway”. The Southern Railway did not come into existence until 1st January, 1923.

Box Office


$149,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$103,251,471 (USA) (2 June 2017)


$129,350,709 (USA) (6 June 2017)

Credits & Special Thanks


If you were Wonder Woman what would you use your powers to do?  Why?

Let me Rate Your Cool Dog

Attention all dog owners!  I need dogs to rate.  To get a cool rating of 10 your dog needs to be awesome looking.  Just look at the dog above.

It’s easy.  Send me your picture of your dog and he will get a rating.

The criteria is simple:

  1. Be cute
  2. Be cool
  3. Be a good doggy
  4. A smart doggy
  5. Wears glasses or not.  Just look good.

He or she will have extra credit on the cuteness, intelligence, ability and charm.  Good luck!

Your dog will have a famous outlook and will be featured on my cool blog.  He can even make the dog of the month.

Here’s a dog that’s really cool.  I give him 10/10 for cuteness and smartness.


Please send more pictures.  Thank you!

Blah or Yeah! Vote for the Best Celebrity in 2017

Hello there!

Sorry for the long absence, my bad.  Now I’m back with a new vibe.  This is to have you guys tell me which celebrity ranked the best this year for 2017.

So I have picked some celebrities and you guys and can tell me who was Blah or Yeah!

For instance, I’ll put some photos of Oprah and you guys tell me if you guys me Yeah if you liked them or felt they made a positive impact on the world.  On the other hand, if you think the person made a negative impact on you or the world, vote blah!

I’ll read your comments and make a cool spreadsheet and chart to see how the data influenced us this year.  I love statistics and I believe it tells us valuable information on people’s behavior patterns and how they influence others to make decisions.  I’ll run this experiment for about a couple of weeks to gather some data and display the poll for all of you.  This is a fun way to have fun with statistics if you like math.

Okay lets go.

  1. Donald Trump – President of United States, “Make America Great Again!” HELL yes!!


2. Katy Perry – entertainer, singer, looks like Miley Cyrus now. LOL


3. The Rock – Kicks ass, movies like Bay Watch, wrestler


4.  Melissa McCarthy – actress, mom, lost weight way too fast by highlighting with light bulbs


5.  Justin Beiber – the Beebs got scared of himself, yes he is a singer unfortunately


6. Mike Tyson – a boxer that can act silly and have bitten off ears if you don’t pay attention to him.  Look out!


7. Oprah – she apparently saw an alien while on her show


8.  Tom Cruise – happy he worships aliens


9.  Nikki Minaj – I believe she had a nose job and apparently it didn’t go well


10.  Barack Obama – former President of the United States that uses his ears as radars for out of space Russian dinosaurs on the planet of Mars



Please tell me how you rated each celebrity by voting yeah or blah.  Thank you all for participating.

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